Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 Sidney Crosby Plays/Blog appearances

There were NO points for Sidney Crosby last night. His points streak is over at 25 games...It is ALL TSN's fault after they ran the Top 10 Crosby highlights of the year! Way to jinx 'em!

Personally speaking, here are the Top 5 Sidney Crosby appearances on Has The VOice...On and Off the Ice:
  1. What a SC-ript! - featuring the Olympic gold medal overtime goal! (March 1/10)
  2. Congrats to Crosby, Colbert, Craig and Scruffy the Elf... (Dec. 17/09)
  3. Living Up To The HYPE! - fabulous footage leading up to the 2008 "Winter Classic" in Buffalo (Jan. 24/08)
  4. Friday Facebook FUN! Featuring LeBron...again... - sharing the spotlight with Gretzky (Dec. 3/10) 
  5. Happy Birthday Sidney Crosby & Herb Merriweather! (August 7/09)
That is blog post #119 for 2010 - tying the total for 2008 and 2009...

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