Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I appreciate Thank Yous!

The Kelowna Chiefs scored some big points last night by treating staff and volunteers to a Pizza Appreciation night after a close game (unfortunately a loss) against Osoyoos.
*The Tim Hortons Christmas ornament was purchased earlier in the day by me:) 
My cup definitely runneth over!
I had a few pages of a 158-page banking tutorial to record after we wrapped up last night at Boston Pizza and my client was very appreciative of recent late night efforts and dropped me this note in the lunch hour:

Hello Ralph,

The course owner for ACSE asked that I reach out to you and deliver a very special thank you for turning this project around so quickly. Thanks to your quick turn-around she is back on track with her course and should have it done before the deadline. You are always extremely helpful and your speed has really aided us in finishing up this and other programs before the end of the year.

Thanks so much!

Katie H.

Katherine Hoover
Senior Manager of Advanced Development
The Edcomm Group

Examples like these are humbling and I can honestly say 2010 was the most rewarding year in my five-year voiceover career.
Thank you to old and new clients! I finished up a few lines for a new one in Tennessee today but a non-disclosure agreement means I can't share details...

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