Thursday, December 31, 2020

Turn Out The Lights on 2020 and Light Up The World in 2021πŸŽ‡✨

For the 6th month in a row, I'm blogging to finish it off AND 2020!

Some classic rock thoughts from me on my Twitter accounts as we count down the final hours of 2020🎸🎢
Happy birthday to Jeff Lynne of ELO, who hit 73 yesterdayπŸŽ‚
Michael Jackson's "Beat It" would also be an appropriate song to end the year with☑️

Do you remember the late 
Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne both being in the Traveling Wilburys? That was between 1988 - 1991. Three other superstars in the group: 
Bob Dylan, George Harrison and Roy Orbison. 
#TimeFlies but great music stands the test of time

I'm looking forward to being a part of the Sabres action next month for my 13th season of voiceover
Great team behind the scenes! No average Joes
Bring on the ice - and snow... #HockeyWeather