Tuesday, December 30, 2014

NO More Christmas Sacks/Snacks But Happy New Year! Write YOUR Story In 2015

This is blog post #22 of 2014.
The sack leader in the NFL this season had 22.
Congrats to Justin Houston of Kansas City for leading the way!

I hope the man in red brought you a nice sack of toys for Christmas!
I believe Santa is more of a hockey fan than football fan.

Gotta love Christmas and kids, right? A bank teller pointed out something interesting to me yesterday: all three of our kids have 6 letters in their first name. Taking it one step further, I see that 66 will be the cumulative age of our three kids after their birthdays in 2015. I am not superstitious but 666 isn't the best number combination:)

I would like to wish you a happy and prosperous 2015!
As you go through the next year, remember that everyone has a story. Get to know more of them. Life is about relationships. Invest in them outside of social media.

As Pastor Phil Collins shared at our church on Sunday morning: "Every one of you has a story that will make me weep...we all face our giants." 
Jump into 2015 with Faith from willowparkchurch on Vimeo.