Monday, December 27, 2010

New Orleans: Drew Brees now, Pistol Pete then

‎5 NFL teams scored 34 points on the 26th while one (Oakland) scored 26. The highest scoring team in the league are the New England Patriots (480 points) and they beat my Buffalo Bills yesterday, 34-3.

We fared better against the Patriots on this weekend's Billieve Moment on the "Thurman Thomas Show." It was a 38-14 win in the 1993 season opener against their prized rookie quarterback, Drew Bledsoe.

New Orleans quarterback, Drew Brees, is the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year. He is on the current cover and he takes his team into Atlanta tonight for a great Monday night matchup. New Orleans is 10-4 while Atlanta is 12-2. The Falcons have scored 15 more points than the Saints (369 vs 354) and given up 9 fewer (261 vs 270).

The greatest gift a parent can give their child is a dream.
This is written on the back cover of the Pete Maravich movie (The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend) I rented and plan to watch soon. The basketball Hall of Famer died far too young at the age of 40. He lit it up for the New Orleans Jazz between 1974 - 1979.


  1. Ralph, Thanks for sharing the Pistol Pete clips. Man, who didn't love the long socks and flowing hair. For us bball purists, I'd like to point out to the 'Lebron' generation of kids who watch ball, you don't see Pistol Pete thumping his chest and talking trash in the other players face after he does something spectacular. He just gets back and plays defense, makes another steal, and then another great play. He was Magic, Michael, and Larry - all in one!!

  2. The underhand passes were quite something Derek! I knew Rick Barry did free throws that way but I was pleasantly surprised to see those on Pistol Pete's Top 10.

    I had a chance to watch Blake Griffin on the tube yesterday against Steve Nash and the Suns. Griffin was the highlight reel in the first quarter with slam dunks and more for the LA Clippers. Griffin even beat LeBron out on these Top 10 dunks from last week.