Monday, December 13, 2010

Brett Favre: I Told You So

Brett Favre did NOT start tonight for the Minnesota Vikings against the New York Giants. As his website mentions, this ends a streak of 297 consecutive starts -- the longest streak of any position player in NFL history. You can thank my Buffalo Bills for knocking him out! I had also predicted this would happen in late August on Football and the "Lost" conspiracy?

Here is the link to the game recap of the Bills and Vikings which ran this past weekend on the "Thurman Thomas Show." My segment runs from the 3:12 to 5:24 mark.
Interesting to note that Brett Favre's streak started on Sept. 27, 1992 - when he started against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Before Minnesota beat Buffalo, we lost to Pittsburgh in overtime. Here is my link to that game recap. You will find it at the 3:09 mark.
My voiceover friend, Ella J. Marr, is one of the biggest Steelers fans out there! She sent me this note:
To say that we bleed "black and gold" doesn't come close to the intense loyalty Pittsburgh fans have for their teams. My family has Steeler-themed family reunions. My 97 year old grandmother spent the last year of her life in a nursing home. She wasn't happy until her Steeler doll and other Steeler items were safely positioned at her bedside. Yahoo! Sports recently reported that the most knowledgeable female sports fans are Pittsburgh fans. It's nothing to be sitting in a gynecologist's office and hear pregnant women speaking in technical terms of an offensive or defensive play.
I know that, because years ago, I was one of them!

That is blog post #274. It marks the fourth time I have mentioned the Steelers and the first time gynecologist has appeared. Thanks Ella...


  1. ...Ralph--you were right...! But what a career...
    Yeah, Ej is one of smartest armchair coaches I know--she should probably send in a play or three...

  2. Herb,
    The Steelers don't need Ella's help as much as the Pittsburgh Pirates on the baseball diamond. Too bad they didn't just land Cliff Lee like the Phillies:)

    What a hockey battle in Pennsylvania tonight as Philadelphia hosts Pittsburgh! 12 straight wins for the Penguins BUT a Flyers win in regulation would push them past the Pens for the top spot in the NHL.

    Thanks for commenting Herb. You RAWK!
    ~ Ralph