Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Red Is Right and Rude Is Wrong

Looking forward to my first Kelowna Rockets game of the New Year tonight against Spokane! The last one I was at was a big success On and Off the Ice.
With a good supply of red in their uniforms (like I had above), yesterday was a great memory for Buffalo Bills fans in 1993!
The Bills' coach then was Marv Levy. He retired from coaching at 72. He is 91 now but said on the radio late last year that he wouldn't mind getting the Bills headed in the right direction again. Don't bet on those odds...
Did you know Marv Levy is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan? His roots run deep there and he was in the ballpark in 1945 when the Cubs lost game seven to Detroit in the World Series. The Cubs beating Cleveland in seven was certainly the biggest sports story of 2016! In Canada, we got to witness some young athletes lighting it up at the Olympics!

Can't go wrong with a coach wearing a little red!