Monday, September 15, 2014

Family Numbers Are Better Than Football Or Social Media Numbers!

Family numbers are more important than football or social media numbers!
I tweeted this not long ago:

The NFL is dealing with some serious issues and I think it will ultimately result in Commissioner Roger Goodell being shown the door. There is a new hashtag trending: #GoodellMustGo
More in this article.

I didn't get a left-handed tweet into my last blog post like the previous two posts, so here is another involving the quarterback who beat the Seahawks yesterday in San Diego:

Philip Rivers paid tribute to an injured teammate on the football field yesterday.

Did you know Philip Rivers married his junior high school sweetheart, Tiffany, in 2001? They have seven children...Touchdown!

San Diego is in Buffalo next Sunday. The Bills will be looking for their third straight win! Loved the hashtag in Buffalo for the home opener:

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Food For Thought: Go Seahawks!

The NFL season starts tonight nearby in Seattle!
Remember, there is NO I in TEAM - or Tomato:)
Neither the Seattle Seahawks or the visiting Green Bay Packers have an I in their name. But Green Bay has Julius Peppers in the lineup after coming over from Chicago. His hometown is Wilson, North Carolina.

Sorry Julius, but Russell Wilson will have a better game than you tonight as quarterback of the Hawks! His hometown is Richmond, Virginia but he appreciates his Canadian fans and brought the Lombardi trophy to Vancouver recently.
I am on dinner duty at chez Hass tonight and omelettes are on the menu - with a few instructions from my wife, a fan of post-it notes. I heard on sportstalk radio the other day that Jim Benning, the general manager of the Vancouver Canucks, kind of goes overboard with post-it notes. You can read the newspaper article about that here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

San Fran Sports & Guess Who LEFT His Heart in Kelowna?

Just like last time, here is another cool left-handed stat...

Nice work by the San Francisco Giants' pitcher! The only player to get a hit was lucky #13, the Canadian, Justin Morneau. He was robbed early in the game!
Switching San Francisco sports, I don't think the football 49ers will be as much a threat to the Super Bowl champion Seahawks this season. For starters, they can't even get their field in shape right now.

San Francisco shines so brightly when Tony Bennett sings! 
Did you know he performed at Mission Hill Winery in Kelowna earlier this month?

Can you believe he has an album coming out with Lady Gaga on September 23rd?
Check out their chemistry in this Rolling Stone link!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happy Anniversary! What's In A Number?

It has been 27 days since I last blogged...
Besides Left Handers Day yesterday, it was our 26th wedding anniversary! Here is the blog tribute I paid my wife last year.

Friday, July 18, 2014

What's In A Name? Cue Weird Al Yankovic!

Close, but no cigar for Tori Spelling.

Speaking of spelling, did you see Weird Al Yankovic was back this week and turned Robin Thicke's “Blurred Lines” into “Word Crimes?” says: "an entertaining (and honestly, quite educational) ode to proper grammar. We recommend bookmarking this one and consulting it as a resource in the future."

Today, Weird Al released "Sports Song", directed by Canadian Andrew Bush. It's the fifth of eight videos the parody artist is releasing. It's his take on the entire idea of the sporting fight song.You can check it out here!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ten Things On The Tenth From Texas and Beyond


2) I am rooting for Germany in the World Cup final on Sunday versus Argentina!

3) The Women’s World Cup will be here in Canada next year! I am ready to cheer - not announce:)

4) Some more soccer and voiceover thoughts left by me here on Dan Hurst's article at VoiceOverXtra.

5) RG III is getting a statue at Baylor. That's in Texas y'all!
See seven others from the Big 12 conference here.

6) Be inspired! NBA honors ex-Baylor star Isaiah Austin during draft.

7) Faff Camp II is planned for San Antonio next year! March 20 - 22, 2015. The time to register is NOW! You can trust Bob Souer's endorsement!


9) On this Thursday (when I play basketball with the guys every week!), I predict LeBron James will be having a déjà vu season with the Canadian kids in Cleveland!

10) Bill Good announced his retirement today after nearly 26 years at CKNW in Vancouver. He comes from a media family with a strong sports flavor. Read more here.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hands UP for the LA Kings and San Antonio Spurs!

Did you notice the Stanley Cup was decided in just 5 games?
It was the same story in the NBA. LeBron and the Heat cramped up...

Congratulations to the 5-letter Kings from LA and the 5-letter Spurs from SA, who both champed up!
Los Angeles certainly had to work a lot harder than San Antonio as three wins happened in overtime!

The playoff MVP for LA was Justin Williams! Yes, he shares  the same first name as our son - who got to celebrate with the Kings as well on Friday the 13th!
While Justin Hass turned 21, I like the following photo because it adds up to 50 - which I turned three months ago.

Sorry, this photo of the Los Angeles Kings only adds up to 49...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day (and hockey) WILL tug on your heartstrings!

Today is Memorial Day in the United States. It is celebrated every year on the last Monday of May and hearts are heavy to honor all Americans who have died while in the military service.

The date today is the 26th and two number 26's have found a place in many hockey fans' hearts:

  • Martin St. Louis of the New York Rangers scored in overtime last night against the Montreal Canadiens to pull his team within one game of the Stanley Cup final!
Martin has been the emotional leader of the team after losing his mom only three weeks ago to a sudden heart attack. The team has rallied around "Marvelous St. Louis" and even attended the funeral of France St. Louis on May 18th.
  • The late Kristians Pelss served as inspiration for his former teammates on the Edmonton Oil Kings winning the Memorial Cup yesterday in London, Ontario!
  • Remembering Kristians Pelss

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Three Speeches That Will Tug On Your Heartstrings (including MVP Kevin Durant)

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, what a great tribute NBA MVP Kevin Durant paid his mom in his acceptance speech yesterday!

My favorite basketball team won this award last Thursday at the City of Kelowna's 39th Annual Civic and Community Awards. The Kelowna Christian School Knights were Senior Boys AA Basketball champions in British Columbia last year!

Speaking on behalf of the team, Ryan Linttell (who's mom, Eva (far left), coached the team), said: We're such a tight group of guys and we're really a brotherhood and I feel really honored to have the voice for our whole team. I'd really like to thank all of our parents first and foremost because they have been there for every basketball game, every practice and driving us out. Every tournament we had a huge support team out there for us! Honestly, this is one of the nicest group of parents and players I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

The Nashville Predators named Peter Laviolette as their new coach yesterday. Apparently this boy was a little young for the job - even though his speech was quite motivating...

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Can't Always Be Right. Bye Bye John Tortorella!

The owners of the Vancouver Canucks did not get it right so John Tortorella was fired today after just one season as head coach of the team. Don't feel sorry for him though as he had signed a five-year, $10 million contract here.

I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one who struck out three times with my best-of-7 NHL picks last night...
...but happy to see a few 7's in today's cheque from a great voiceover client!

So, Ralph The Hockey Guy didn't get it right BUT Rob The Hockey Guy in Vancouver sure did!