Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year! Thank you John Cena!

I hope your holidays and your Christmas were filled with joy! Here is my #Top9 - my most recent photos on Instagram. Remember #HappyWife #HappyWifeHappyLife

Fireworks on New Year's Eve? YES🎆
We'll be taking in "Bumblebee" - the latest Transformers movie after watching "Age of Extinction" from four years ago last night. Out with the Old (Mark Wahlberg) and in with the New (John Cena) Year!
May all your wishes come true in 2019!

Did you know John Cena has helped make over 500 Make-A-Wish dreams come true? WOW for this WWE legend☑️

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Ending The Month With a BANG!

I'm going to wear the red jersey tonight as kids come trick or treating🎃
Congrats to the Red Sox for winning another World Series
The Canucks are the only home team tonight in the NHL. The Blackhawks will be "stick or treating." 

Rick Jeanneret went that extra mile last night in the Sabres' broadcast BOOth👹

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Puck Drop Is Approaching!

I am ready! Are you?

The Sabres host the Boston Bruins tomorrow night!

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

I See You #30👀

Slow Down as School Days are upon us again! Watch for kids👀

Celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary last month (August 13th)💕
Love walking through life with my wife, Darlene! These photos were taken exactly two years ago today.

Here is me as a youngster getting the autograph of a future CFL Hall of Famer: "Dirty Thirty" Jim Young of the BC Lions. I'm placing the date as 1974 at Kelowna's City Park during training camp. 

The man in the middle on the right without the headset is former head coach, Eagle Keys. He lived to be 89, passing away six years ago.

I share the same birthday in March as the famous #30 who's signature is embroidered below on one of my hats.
It belongs to the two-time MVP of the three-time world champion Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Scoring Big With Tom Cruise and Toronto's Maple Leafs!

I haven't blogged twice in a month since July of 2016 - but I'm doing it again✔️
Like my last post, let's start off with the double-sided sign just up the street from us.
Did you see James Corden go skydiving with Tom Cruise a couple days ago?

Cruise's "Mission: Impossible – Fallout" is now in theatres🎦

What was once thought impossible is a real possibility now in the NHL. The Toronto Maple Leafs could win their first Stanley Cup since 1967 after signing John Tavares. In fact, I predicted they will hoist the Cup in this Instagram post two weeks ago!

If you are a Maple Leafs fan, you will enjoy this Friday flashback featuring the number 27. Please scroll to the bottom to read the tweet so it makes more sense. I apologize to all the Buffalo Sabres' fans for tooting Toronto's horn👿

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Future's So Bright😎

You know how the song goes 🎶 on this longest day of the year.
The summer solstice officially started at 3:07 am PST.

Future excitement:

  • The NBA draft is tonight!
  • The NHL draft begins tomorrow night!
  • The Kelowna Futures Tennis tournament begins Saturday🎾 Couldn't do it without the sponsors!

Monday, May 28, 2018

A Best-Of-Seven On The 28th: Family First

I had my sons on my last blog post so no better time to be a proud Dad than with my daughter on her 27th birthday today!

(2) I finished up my 7th script today for a client I began working for in Greece in early April. Born on Maui in 1996, XTERRA has grown into a worldwide series of off-road triathlons and trail runs.

(3) #23, LeBron James, keeps proving the doubters wrong. Another game 7 win last night vaults the CleVeland CaVs into the NBA Finals!

(4) #NHLalphabet Give me a V for Vegas in the best-of-7 Stanley Cup Final beginning tonight in Sin/Stick City against the Washington Capitals! Who could have predicted that for an expansion team? Give them credit though. You have to love the unpredictabilty of sports✔️ I'm picking Washington to win it all!

(5) Happy 73rd Birthday to John Fogerty! #MusicMonday He will be playing in our area (Penticton) on Saturday, July 14th.

(6) Let's limit the fires please in our beautiful province of British Columbia! There was a close call at a local winery a couple of days ago. Kelowna firefighters remind the public that campfires and outdoor wood burning appliances are not allowed within city limits at any time.

(7) Game 7 tonight with Golden State in Houston. I'll go with the Rockets to advance against LeBron in the NBA Finals. I think they will win by 7 points.
No problem for Houston...