Monday, October 31, 2011

Talent Runs (and Carves) in the Family!

Congrats to the Cardinals for winning the World Series!

Congrats to the Carvers of these pumpkins!
How about a #Pumpkin #Smile instead of Pumpkin Spice? Carved ... on Twitpic
A word of wisdom from my sister-in-law, Tina.

@iamjohnnycanuck is going to love this #pumpkin carving from ... on Twitpic
Johnny Canuck from my nephew, Ben, in Prince George.

This is for Canuck fans everywhere!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Football Commercial & Baseball's superhero: Freese

Things are looking good in Buffalo right now as both the Bills and Sabres have won twice as many games as they have lost. The Bills take a 4-2 record onto the field for their annual Toronto game this Sunday against the Redskins while the Sabres are in the middle of five straight home games and have a
6-3 record.

Heading into last night's 4-2 win against Columbus, the Sabres had scored 23 goals - matching 23 touchdowns by the Bills. The most famous #23 in sports right now is David Freese of the St. Louis Cardinals. He won game six last night in the eleventh after tying it up two innings earlier!
  • Freese Frame 1
  • Freese Frame 2
  • David slay the giant in the Bible and Jesus was the son of a lowly carpenter. David Freese was in the spotlight last night and I figure the Cardinals have a great shot at winning game seven tonight against the Texas Rangers with Chris Carpenter on the mound.
I provided play-by-play and the announcer tag for the ELECTRIFYING football finish below. The commercial ran last weekend in northern and central California and Colorado:

Monday, October 03, 2011

Signed, Sabred, Delivered! Philadelphia can play 2nd fiddle

Most of my day was spent doing sponsor reads for the Buffalo Sabres' broadcasts on MSG-TV. I learned last Monday that I would be back for my fourth season with the team! However, I was not in the budgetary mix the last two years. So, this boy is "back in town"...The rock song which references that is second in line in this flashback of five openers I voiced a couple of seasons back for the Sabres. The President makes an appearance in the first one:

Also from a couple of years ago, Stevie Wonder performs for President Obama:

I spoke too soon last time. The Bills lost yesterday on a last second field goal to Cincinnati, 23-20...
We host the struggling Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday. Philadelphia has a Kelowna connection in the lineup: Danny Watkins. Read about his positive football vibes here:
Football & Hockey Dreams Becoming Reality
The negative vibes are here:
Prefer My Microphone over Microscope!

People can be so passionate about their sports teams.
Philadelphia fans have quite the reputation...
Hockey's Flyers had ten more points than the Sabres last season but I predict Buffalo will rack up more this season. Philadelphia plays Boston on opening night Thursday while the other Pennsylvania team, Pittsburgh, is in Vancouver. The Sabres get their season going on Friday against Anaheim and Teemu Selanne in Finland. One of our big free agent signings is from Finland - and a former Philly Flyer, Ville Leino. Happy Birthday (#28) this Thursday to Ville! Deliver 28 goals this season and Sabres' fans will love 'ya!