Saturday, September 22, 2007

Greg is THE Man!

As I mark my 1-year blogiversary I notice I have never blogged on a Saturday before. There must be something to the saying "Lazy Saturday."

My very first blog post mentioned one of my on hold employers: Greg Krantz. I've been very pleased with the volume of work Greg has thrown my way lately so I took the time this week to update my on hold messaging demo. It shows more of the conversational style that is important in this area.

I also put the pieces in place for an animation and character voices demo. That is an area that Greg Littlefield does a good job in. In fact, he was a Finalist in The Simpsons Sound Alike Contest through Greg started his blogging adventure this month and like me he will give you a mix of voiceover, sports and music. EARLY this morning, Gregg Zaun of the Toronto Blue Jays helped out Greg and his team, the Boston Red Sox, by homering in the 14th inning against the New York Yankees. 5-4 final for Canada's team! But this afternoon Toronto lost to the Yanks 12-11 in 10 innings. Gregg Zaun nailed one in the 10th inning but unfortunately it was foul! With a week left in the baseball season, the Red Sox are 2 1/2 games up on the Yankees for first place. Both will make the playoffs.

Hockey IS Canada's sport. Televised tonight was a Vancouver Canucks exhibition game against the San Jose Sharks. Vancouver lost 3-1. And I'm sorry for Greg Littlefield as his Boston Bruins lost by a 4-3 final to Toronto Maple Leafs. Again, only pre-season. The best junior hockey league around is the Western Hockey League. It has returned to Edmonton for the '07/08 season - the WHL's 42nd season...Littlefield and I are in our
43rd seasons:)
Edmonton beat the Kootenay Ice 4-3 on September 20 as the regular season was launched. Here is the movie trailer opening I did for the TV broadcast. This is my favorite WHL team.

I am really looking forward to doing the Buffalo Sabres' openings on
MSG-TV again this season. The first real games take place October 5th and 6th against the New York Islanders.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Duet with Dylan?

Deirdre from the voiceover bulletin board put up a cool link this afternoon to a site that allows you to send a message with Bob Dylan - sort of. So I got into the hockey mood here. I don't think Bob would mind as he was actually born in Minnesota, a state that is well known for it's support of high school, college and NHL hockey.

Monday, September 10, 2007

$$$Penguin Power + Horsepower

It has been a long time since I blogged. A couple of long projects have kept me busy lately. I recorded 15 stories totalling about 180 minutes for - including a 39-minute story on 2007 Senior Market Advisor of The Year: Craig Randall. I also did my first project for
a company that creates e-Learning programs for the financial services industry. I created over 110 audio files and the final length of my tutorial timed out at about 45-minutes. Both of my invoices ended up going to Pennsylvania. That's a long way from here - but not by email:)

Pennsylvania's Pittsburgh Penguins figure to be one of the NHL's best hockey teams in 2007/08. They will be playing outdoors in Buffalo on New Year's Day.

Club Penguin is one of the most popular kids' websites around. Their offices are here in Kelowna, BC and just over a month ago, the Walt Disney Company made the founders of Club Penguin multi-millionaires! INCREDIBLE! Many of my earliest corporate videos were done a long time ago with Dave Krysko of Club Penguin and his company New Horizon Productions. We used to record out of his home and he also had office space at one time with a local dentist.

This morning I did a couple of lines for an animated horse named Reason for a company in Ireland, who's client is in the US. The project is aimed at 6th grade students with learning difficulties to help them understand mathematical concepts in a fun environment. Lesson One today and four more to follow. It seems a long time ago that I was first approached about this project: July 18 - the last time I blogged here. But I will be back sooner this time as my 1-year blogiversary takes place September 22. You are all invited!

Bob Souer had his second blogiversary this past May. He will be spending a long, long time in the studio on a project he talks about here. I look forward to reading about your progress Bob!