Monday, April 13, 2015

What's In A Golf Name & Lucky number 14 Jamie Benn!

The Masters was interesting to watch over the weekend. Bill HAAS tied for 12th with a total of six under par while the top two finishers had the same names as my sons:)

Green IS the color of the day at the Masters as the winner gets the coveted green jacket!

I actually won something green this morning - but that isn't me below with my headphones. I went for the green shirt because underneath Feeling Lucky, it says Since 1964, which is my birth year! (I did the math for you on my previous post).

The top hockey player in green? Former Kelowna Rockets player, Jamie Benn, who won the NHL scoring title on Saturday! And now comes word he needs hip surgery, proving again hockey players are the toughest athletes out there:)