Friday, October 27, 2006

Perfect 10!

As I logged in to write on my blog, plugged some other blogs to visit. One was Intensities in Ten Cities: A construct of rants, musings & life travel info. I thought that was ironic as I had already picked my headline of Perfect 10!
  • My wife, Darlene, is a Perfect 10! Despite the fact she had a challenging night at work last night as a Support Care worker, she snuck in to support me at "old guys" basketball. She said she saw me nail a 3-pointer:) She has been a huge support and encouragement in my voiceover business. In fact, she scores a 100 in my books there!
  • My 11-year-old son, Jordan. Played in his first rugby game yesterday. Receiving and dishing out his first tackles were quite memorable! But after the game at home he began his homework right away while eating dinner. World Series game 4 was an attraction for me but Jordan was focussed on the job at hand: science, math & more. "A" for effort Jordan! Perfect 10!
  • Buffalo Sabres beat the New York Islanders 3-0 last night. 10-0 to start the season! Only the 1993-94 Toronto Maple Leafs got out of the gate this quickly.
  • My 13-year-old son, Justin. Last Friday night he took part in his first ever Hockey Pool at his uncle's house. He was up to the challenge and didn't need my help at all. He knows his stats and is a math whiz! He drafted in lucky position #10 last week and currently sits at #12 overall. 21 guys took part! It was fun to just hang out with Justin at his brother's rugby game yesterday too.
  • My 15-year-old daughter, Ashley. Volleyball is her passion and her Grade 10 team finished second in a tournament last weekend in Vernon. The week before they won it all in Revelstoke. This week she received news at one of her practices that she will be part of a region-wide elite Club volleyball team. Keep it up Ash! Watch out for her $10 million dollar smile soon when her braces come off:)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Home Ice advantage/Home Office advantage

The Buffalo Sabres are 6-0 to start the season! The Philly Flyers flopped last night in Buffalo losing 9-1...Some advantages to working at home? Well, yesterday it was the aroma of fresh bread in the oven...I am getting a run of business cards printed today as tonight I get to speak a bit about my voiceover biz at The Okanagan Science and Technology Council Informatech. With food involved, I am more than happy to attend:)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

BIG break! Sabres Rock!

The Buffalo Sabres have won their first 3 games! Last Friday night they won a shootout against the Montreal Canadiens and as they did that I watched it on the tube while laying down the voice track in the studio for Saturday night's game versus Ottawa...that was cool:)
Just 90-minutes ago Feature Producer Matt Gould with the Sabres emailed me to confirm I will be doing the TV intros for all of the Sabres TV games on the mighty MSG network. Without question, they are my most recognized client to date.

I have had a couple of BIG (in length) projects this week:
the podcast I plugged last time about Japanese expansion in China ended up being 16 minutes in total. I have also completed 10:30 seconds of a script for They offer Houston-based Litigation Support for Attorneys Nationwide.

It is fun to switch gears with my voice! High energy for the Sabres and smooth, informative reads for the projects above. I am listed as the voice with Integrity at:
Thanks to them this afternoon for a small elearning script. My role? Main drive-thru cashier.
I also have a commercial to tackle for my good friends at:
The job I am describing in the spot? A certified snubber (I kid you not!). It is Alberta’s newest certified occupation.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

In The Buff?

The Buffalo Sabres have been picked by a lot of folks to win the Stanley Cup. The NHL season starts tonight and they take on the defending champions: the Carolina Hurricanes. I could still be the voice opening Sabres' TV broadcasts this year. My read for their last exhibition game was used last Saturday night and tomorrow the Feature Producer (Matt G.) I know with the team said: "I’m going to try to write a touch less copy so that you can be a bit more “movie trailer...deep throatish”...which is what I believe the boss is looking for. I think I gave you too much copy to read in too little time in the last one." So, hope Buffalo beats the Montreal Canadiens Friday night at their home opener:) That should put the boss in a good mood!

Speaking of "In The Buff", Barenaked Ladies' new album "Are Me" is out now. I had the chance to work closely with the band from 1991-'96 when I worked with Warner Music Canada. I connected with their road manager last time they were in town (December '05) and we'll try and hook up again when they are in Kelowna again in 4 months.

It is the Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I will be starting a large project for the Richard Ivey School of Business/The University of Western Ontario today. It is a 4-page article which should run about 15 minutes as a podcast. It is titled: Japanese expansion in China: A cautionary tale. The target audience is practicing managers.