Monday, February 02, 2015

Super Bowl Car Ads Were BAD - Just Like The Ending To The Game!

There were no WAS a (updated 4:39 pm) BMW car ad yesterday!
How could I forget seeing this from Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric?

*Updated 4:49 pm. Another one: 
The all-new Chevy Colorado offers built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi.

Brady, Marshawn and Wilson put on quite the show. Too bad Marshawn and Wilson couldn't work together at the end of the game to seal the deal for the Seahawks!
New England 28 Seattle 24

From the website:
Bill Belichick and Brady are champions for a fourth time. Butler's play ended a wild back-and-forth game between two great quarterbacks and two titanic coaches. It was a game worthy of the two best teams in the sport this decade. It was a game that reminded everyone watching why we love football so much.

I enjoyed watching most of the commercials. How about you?
The worst Super Bowl ads included the Mercedes-Benz "Fable" Commercial at #3:

The number 2 spot went to the Fiat “Blue Pill” commercial while the worst Super Bowl commercial, according to, was “Make Some Noise” from Lexus.

Other car ads during the Super Bowl included:
Seahawks players and fans are still furious right now!