Monday, March 25, 2013

March Madness & Voiceover talents

There were 50 basketball games played in March Madness between Wednesday and Sunday night. It wasn't until the 50th and final game that a team ended up with exactly 50 points in their score.

Maybe the most disappointed voiceover artist with that score is my friend, Jane Ingalls. Not too long ago, her daughter played basketball on the Creighton women's team.

This hockey guy picked ALL 12 games correctly in the East Regional for Sports Illustrated's Bracket Challenge. I have Indiana winning it all two weeks from tonight!

If Kansas and Florida collide this weekend, there could be a little friendly trash talk going on between Derek Chappell (Jayhawks fan) and Caryn Clark (Gators fan).

But I think if Tim Tebow shows up with a pre-game speech for his alma mater, you will be cryin' the blues Derek:)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Rockets 50, Spurs 50, Ralph Hass 49

I shared a milestone yesterday with the Kelowna Rockets!

You can never have too much cake on your birthday, right? 

50 and 14 were a winning combination for the San Antonio Spurs too. They beat Dallas 92-91 yesterday to hit 50 wins for the 14th straight season.

Want a winning formula to hit 100 years of age? Read below:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Kelowna Christian School Knights: Senior Boys AA Basketball Champs

The Kelowna Christian School Knights started the season with UNITY in mind and they went through the season that way. The ICING on the cake was winning the Senior Boys AA Basketball Championship in Kamloops on Saturday! Read a wrap of the final here as we knocked off #2 ranked Brentwood College, 58-47.

A day before in the semi-final our son, Jordan, came through in the clutch against the #1 ranked team in BC!
Photo and link updated April 15, 2013.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Respect that Voice: the Ref

I will be back on PA tonight for the Kelowna Rockets. I may be busy announcing penalties as, I believe, the Victoria Royals are the most penalized team in the WHL. The Rockets won last week, 4-1, when I did PA for the Seattle game.

I just tried to blend into the background and not make any mistakes.
The same approach was taken by the referee - but he had a lot more eyes on him.
Click on this link and see the Seattle coach and a little old lady question Steve Papp's accountability as a ref.