Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hockey Best-of-Sevens and 77! Go Kelowna Rockets!

Ladies first:)

NBA MVP Stephen Curry made 77 three-pointers in a row during practice! His Mom (along with four other basketball Moms) made this
5 Favorite Sports Moms list.

Taking my awesome 77-year-old Mom to this spectacular 7-letter production this Saturday!

Lights! On his Camera and Action! Matt helped me get hired for voiceover with the Sabres. 7 seasons so far:)

The Kelowna (7 letters) Rockets (7 letters) host Brandon (7 letters) tonight in game 4 of the WHL Championship series. This best-of-seven could wrap up tonight as my hometown team has won the first three games!
Cue my voiceover!

Game 7 tonight in New York (7 letters) as the Rangers (7 letters) host the Capitals (8 letters). Have to pick New York to move on to the East final versus Tampa Bay. The Western conference final will feature Anaheim and Chicago (7 letters each). I will go with the Ducks and their size advantage in that series.