Thursday, January 31, 2013

Remembering Jackie Robinson & 2 hockey movies

In exactly 42 days (March 14) it will be my birthday:)
I am looking forward to "42" on the big screen! April 12th is the release date for the Jackie Robinson movie.

As reported two days ago on his blog, Kamloops' Gregg Drinnan says: Trilight Entertainment Inc. has optioned Sudden Death: The Incredible Saga of the 1986 Swift Current Broncos and has already begun the process of making a feature film based on the book that was released in November. For more information, click right here and read the press release that Trilight Entertainment and Dundburn issued this morning.

There is another hockey documentary being made out east in Canada and will include current Sabre/former Canuck, Cody Hodgson. It's called "There's Something In The Water" - based on the book "There's Something About This Place." Haliburton, Ontario is a small town of about 5, 000, which has sent four players to "the show" (NHL).

Monday, January 21, 2013

PA for the Kelowna Rockets Feb. 28 & March 6!

Well, I can cross that off my buck(puck)et list soon!
Two nights ago I had a chance to sit in with the Kelowna Rockets' public address announcer, Bill Barnes, as the team won their 19th straight on home ice! I had a great view "above the crowd" (see previous post) and look forward to filling in for Bill for two games down the road.
Rockets salute fans after 5-3 win against Vancouver Giants!
#11 Carter Rigby had a hat trick.
I had a great view like this from the press box one other time: Friday, Jan. 30, 2009 when I was in the Shaw suite when the Rockets beat Medicine Hat, 10-1. Before that game I had a chance to meet Rockets Skills Development coach, Kim Gellert. Nice guy - who also happens to be employed by the Buffalo Sabres as an Amateur Scout.

Here are a few more great Kelowna Rockets memories I have shared on this blog:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

POINT & Shoot the Camera + Point & Drive the Zamboni!

Here is a great shot (in more ways than one) of my son playing basketball on the weekend!

Lights, camera...Zamboni. Here is a recent shot I took at ice level at Rutland Arena, where the Kelowna Chiefs will host Princeton this Friday night and Osoyoos on Sunday.
Princeton has a cool Zamboni! Click here to view - BUT don't bring up gun control...

Over 10, 000 Zambonis make hockey more enjoyable:) 

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Making their POINTS: Steve Nash and Sports Illustrated

The points ARE piling UP!
You can thank Canada's Steve Nash for much of that!
He hit a big milestone last night:

Remember when that Division III guard (Jack Taylor) scored 138 points on November 20th? Well, that was more than all the football playoff teams managed over the weekend:)
Best for last? You'll find this column at the back of every issue of Sports Illustrated:

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Winter Basketball or Ice Hockey?

I had a bit of snow to deal with today on our driveway - but feel free to come over and shoot some hoops now...
Because of bad weather I moved the three-point line in a bit...

Is court in session - or season?

Look who's ready for some pond hockey!
Drop the puck - NOT the duck...