Sunday, August 30, 2009

Football FEVER!

Denver hosts Chicago tonight in the lone NFL preseason game. The Buffalo Bills went into Denver late last season and won 30-23! This is the first video footage I am able to share from my work on the "Thurman Thomas Show."

Here is early season footage from the Bills' second game in Jacksonville.
It was another win!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hockey HEAT!

Yesterday in Kelowna, Dany HEATley finally talked about why he wants to leave the Ottawa Senators. He should have done that months ago because his reputation has been tarnished since vetoing a trade to Edmonton.

The Calgary Flames' American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate is now the Abbotsford HEAT - relocating from Quad Cities, Iowa. Two days ago, I spoke with their Director of Communications and Broadcast, Dave Sheldon. He is set to announce his color commentator in the broadcast booth and Dave says we will be surprised because his partner is not an athlete.

Below are five Buffalo Sabres games to enjoy (featuring my voiceovers) with:
- Inauguration footage with President Obama
- A rock 'n' roll classic from 1976
- Trade deadline day footage

A BIG thank you to Brent Luehr, Director of Technology, at HuStream Technologies here in Kelowna for spending a Friday afternoon converting the footage from an awkward (technically speaking) 353 mb UDF file from Sabreville.

By the way, HuStream specializes in production of modern interactive video technology solutions for organizations throughout the world. To see a great new example, press play now when you arrive here. Or check out HuStream's portfolio!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I am faster than Usain Bolt!

Bolt burned up the track in Berlin two days ago setting a new 100m World record of 9.58 seconds!

But, I was faster in voicing these two recent TV commercial tags:
-- 401 Dixie Kia in Mississauga, Ontario
-- Clean Slate TV show airs across Canada the next two Saturdays (August 22 and 29). Here is the behind the scenes story.

But my audition for an EA Sports racing video game was over Bolt's 9.58 seconds. My thanks to Herb Merriweather for his production help on that one.

All for now...I continue my sports journey in a moment by "hitting the gym."

Friday, August 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Sidney Crosby & Herb Merriweather!

Sidney Crosby got to bring the Stanley Cup home today on his 22nd birthday! Nova Scotia hosted SC X 2.

Two NHLers retired in the last 2 days. They each finished wearing number 27 (my niece, Jessica, hit this age 2 days ago) but never got to hoist the Stanley Cup in their 20-year careers. Teppo Numminen finished his career with the Buffalo Sabres while Jeremy Roenick finished up in San Jose. While Numminen was "normal", Roenick could be classified as "raucous." You can see it all here on TSN's Top 10 Jeremy Roenick Moments.

I have a voiceover friend celebrating a birthday today in California. Herb Merriweather is a big sports fan too! The St. Louis Cardinals would be topping his list right about now. He also recently started blogging.
You can follow Herb here.