Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Me and the Amazing Musicians!

In stores today is "Barenaked Ladies Are Men." They did a great show here in Kelowna, BC last night and I got free tickets thanks to Tour Manager extraordinary, Fin.

"Barenaked Ladies Are Me" was their last album in September '06. "Maybe You Should Drive" came out in 1994 and that's when the photo above (me in the middle) was taken on the tour bus.
ME-smerizing M-EN-tertainers! is what I said in an email moments ago to Fin. If you are fortunate enough to see them on tour in the next little while, you'll understand why M-E is played up in my review.

Barenaked Ladies and I (Me) worked for the same record company (Warner Music Canada). I was there for five years (1991-1996) and I always enjoyed my time with the group at concerts and setting up promotions like in-store autograph sessions. I had a chance to catch up with drummer Tyler Stewart in the afternoon yesterday and even gave him a copy of the TV interview I did 2 weeks ago on Shaw-TV with all that Buffalo Sabres footage. Tyler is a big sports fan like yours truly and is a regular guest on this sports show in Toronto.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Thumbs Up!

Congratulations to Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts for winning Sunday's Super Bowl against Chicago 29-17! His thumb was just fine after getting banged up late in the AFC Championship game against New England, which they won 38-34.

Next to Peyton is ME and both of my thumbs in the Gary Nylander photo that accompanied this November 19, 2006 newspaper article on yours truly.