Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's the 24th!

May 24...
NBA MVP Kobe Bryant (#24 on your scorecard) had 22 points for the
LA Lakers last night (and was a plus 24) as the Lakers walloped San Antonio 101-71. Kobe's crew is up 2-0 in the Western Final. Only 14 of the 222 teams to fall behind 2-0 in best-of-seven NBA playoff series have come back to win, including the Spurs in their second-round matchup with the New Orleans Hornets. So, don't count out the defending champs!

Kobe turns 30 in three months on August 23. The next day, August 24, my wife has a birthday! We also celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary on August 13! In two months, July 24 - 27, the BC Summer Games come to Kelowna with more than 2, 700 young athletes participating in our province’s largest multisport competition for developing athletes.

Tonight, game one of the Stanley Cup Final takes place between Detroit and Pittsburgh. I am picking Detroit to win it all 4 games to 2. Both teams have a #24 in the lineup. The Red Wings' Chris Chelios has played more NHL playoff games in history than anyone with 260 while Pittsburgh's Kris Beech only played 25 games in the regular season divided among three teams. He has yet to skate in the postseason.

Detroit coach Mike Babcock lost in the Finals five years ago with Anaheim to New Jersey. Way back when he played for the Kelowna Wings in the Western Hockey League in 1982–83. That team from our city eventually moved to Spokane, Washington where Mike coached them for six seasons between 1994 - 2000. Tomorrow, the Spokane Chiefs are in the final of the Memorial Cup. It is in Kitchener, Ontario as they take on the hometown Rangers. Below is a WHL playoff promo I voiced for
Shaw-TV and here is a link to how the WHL playoffs went. By the way, the Kelowna Rockets started here in 1995 after moving from Tacoma, Washington. We were the 2004 Memorial Cup champions!
To my friends and colleagues in the US, I would like to wish you a nice and meaningful Memorial Day on Monday, May 26.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Do NOT believe everything you read!

Seeing is believing - and so is hearing in many cases. I was reading my Buffalo buddy Peter O'Connell's blog today and the article “if only i could take back what i said.” I clicked on the link, Sue Simmons’
f-bomb on a live newscast promo
, and was glad there was no audio link - just a visual link from the New York Times. While reading the latter, I noticed the New York Times' link to their Fashion and Style section and the article Where Ralph Buys Blouses.

Please rest assured that article has nothing to do with yours truly...I have never even worn a kilt:) But I bet Peter O'Connell has. He has Irish blood...and a real f sense...that stands for fashion...and friend...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Skater figures out dancing!

Last night, Kristi Yamaguchi, 1992 Olympic figure skating champion, won the crown on "Dancing With The Stars." I predicted on March 18 she would win. I shared this news on Vox Daily today while following in the footsteps of Stephanie's tough tongue twister:)

Last month, Karen Commins' blog, A Voice Above The Crowd, tied in "Dancing With the Stars" with 12 valuable lessons that can be applied to a voiceover career. Read the post here and be inspired to new heights in your voiceover career!

Today at Vox Daily, Stephanie reviewed "Word of Mouth: A Guide to Commercial Voice-over Excellence, 3rd Edition." First published in 1987, it was the first-ever book written that focused on voiceovers. The edition printed in 2006 (the edition Stephanie reviewed) addresses technological changes that have developed since the initial printing. It was authored by Susan Blu in collaboration with colleagues Molly Ann Mullin and Cynthia Songé. This excerpt from Stephanie's review hit close to home (and my heart):
Want to Be a Working Voice-Over Actor?
You'll need:
1. Talent and passion

2. Perseverance
3. A belief in oneself that can't be shaken, rocked or questioned
There is always room for excellent new performers who will risk and take the chances to allow their creativity to come through.

By the way, I predict "Dancing With The Stars" runner-up, Jason Taylor, will have a great voiceover career as a football analyst once his playing days are done.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stepping (skating?) up to Mike's mic

Pittsburgh can wrap up a sweep against Philadelphia in a couple hours. Then they will be in their first Final since 1992. The game will be on CBC TV here in Canada. Last night, TSN ran a great Top 10 list: Top 10 Mike Lange Calls. Since 1975, Mike has been a vital part of the Pittsburgh hockey scene and the voice of the Penguins, having never missed a broadcast. If you don't have time to click on the link above, I've transcribed them here:
10. Scratch my back with a hacksaw
9. Smoke ‘em like a bad cigar
8. Get that dog off my lawnmower
7. Michael, Michael Motorcycle
6. Cry or wind his watch
5. Get in the fast lane Grandma, the bingo game is ready to roll
4. Buy Sam a drink and get his dog one too
3. Ladies and Gentleman, Elvis has just left the building
2. Beat him (goalie) like a rented mule
1. Lord Stanley, get me the brandy

No doubt, there were plenty more in the running. In fact, the Mike Lange Tournament of Quotes recently took place. Mike also grabbed the top spot on a recent list of the 5 Best Announcers In Sports.

For us Buffalo Sabre fans, enjoy these Top 10 Rick Jeanneret Calls.

Monday, May 12, 2008

PPPreDDDicting the Cup Final

D and P WILL meet in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Western Conference Finals have Detroit and Dallas battling it out. Game 3 goes shortly with Detroit up 2 games to nothing. Dallas has won four of their last five home games and hopefully for them that streak continues. The Eastern Conference Finals have the battle of Pennsylvania with Pittsburgh up 2-0 in games against Philadelphia. Philly has problems on "D" right now: missing 2 key defensemen, Kimmo Timonen and Braydon Coburn.

Last week at the Dallas Zoo, an animal considered to be the world's oldest living gorilla in captivity celebrated her 55th birthday. Jenny the gorilla enjoyed a frozen fruit cake and banana leaf-wrapped treats at her wooded home in the complex. Her caretakers say that Jenny, about 210 pounds, has a few joint issues and her eyesight isn't what it used to be, but she still looks good for an old ape. In the wild, gorillas normally would live to about 35.

4 different Moms had a chance to enjoy this lovely chocolate cake at our home yesterday on Mother's Day. My Mom was here a couple of days earlier on Friday, when our youngest son, Jordan Michael, returned from his school trip to Vancouver. He was born on March 29, 1995. That night the legendary Michael Jordan scored 55 points against the New York Knicks in his second comeback. It was just days earlier (March 18) that Jordan announced his return to the NBA through a two-word press release:
"I'm back."

In today's new Sports Illustrated it says: Michael Jordan has a nickname for Larry Brown, his new Bobcats coach: Seabiscuit. Brown and Jordan were playing golf with Roy Williams and Jerry West, and Jordan saw brown's peculiar gait as he walked down the fairway - Brown, 67, has had multiple hip surgeries - and rechristened him after the famed horse.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Saluting BEER and The BEE!

I voiced this TV commercial today for the first Kelowna Beer Festival at the end of the month. It isn't the best quality video but it will be bigger and better on the big screen beginning Monday...

I had a couple of great new clients come aboard in April:

B-103 - Kelowna's Best Country. They were my #1 client last month in terms of revenue! My next "sessions" there will be tomorrow (and every Saturday from 1 - 5 on the air) and Sunday (9 am to 1 pm).

Independent Comedy Network imaging. This is the series I have done five intros for. One of my contacts there sent through this testimonial today: "Ralph was the first voiceover artist our company worked with, and he made the first-time experience seamless and smooth. His speediness and attention to detail was top notch! His vocal range was impressive, and most importantly he was a true professional, a genuinely nice person, and took our project seriously. We’ll definitely be using his services again soon. There’s no denying that Ralph HAS The Voice!"

- Jamie Flam, Independent Comedy Network, VP Content Development

Westside Eclectic, Creative Director

Thanks Jamie!

I really have some amazing clients. One, Greg Krantz, of Pro Voice Greetings, headed out on vacation today to France and Ireland. But he still had time to email me:
Hi Ralph,
Just a note to let you know I am heading out on vacation and will be out next week. If Kari needs that order while I am gone I am pretty sure I can work something out. I put your check in the mail this afternoon so you should have it next week. Have a great week!!