Friday, April 01, 2011

Friday Facebook FUN! April Fools' Day edition

We haven't done FFF (Justin Bieber edition) since February 18. Meanwhile, it's #FF on Twitter: #FF stands for "Follow Friday." Twitter users often suggest who others should follow on Fridays by tweeting with the hashtag #FF. Thank you for the mentions today Anne Ganguzza and NHLMedia!

My Facebook status this morning: Spending April Fools' Day on voiceover banking tutorial for bank fraud. I guess the two are a good match...

My Facebook status last night: Bring on the Cup! The Vancouver Canucks can become the 1st NHL team in ‘expansion era’ (from 1968 on) to lead in goals for/against, PP and PK in same season.

Thursday morning Facebook status: The cat is out of the bag...BATS are out of the (duffle or duffel?) bag! GO Blue Jays!
My Wednesday afternoon Facebook status: Yes, I took part in Whopper Wednesday...Did you know a Whopper contains HOPE? So does this local Kelowna blog: Buddy Breathing. ‎Congratulations to Leslie-Anne's parents for hitting 50 years of marriage today! Wow!

Tuesday afternoon link from the NFL - The Bengals have been called "quacks" for a long time...

‎Tuesday morning Facebook status: 7 on-hold messages just voiced...
2 were movie trailer reads. Phone FUN!

‎Monday morning Facebook status: The Final 4!! Basketball and days left in March...I like tomorrow (29th) as our son, Jordan, turns 16. I will also pick Kentucky to win the Final 4. *We will know if I'm right on Monday, April 4th...Until then, have a great weekend!

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