Monday, November 01, 2010

Treat yourself to DWTS and the WS

My wife and I do enjoy watching "Dancing With The Stars" and tonight is episode #200! Congratulations! This is blog post #255 if you are keeping count...

I left a comment today on Dave Courvoisier's post:
Oh, The Humility (or lack of it).
It includes a lot of wise words from Bob Bergen. I started off by giving a plug to and their Who Got The Gig component on their blog. I had noticed that Stephanie had not had an entry there since the spring BUT lo and behold she published one today and I left a comment. It has been a real busy time with my voiceover work! I am very thankful for some great clients. Check out the link and share your successes too!

World Series game 5 in Texas shortly. I did not watch any of the action yesterday but let's hope Texas wins so a game six can be played in San Francisco...

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