Friday, November 19, 2010

C'mon Canada! Be a Hockey Power!

It is International Men's Day! Grab your TV remote!
It is also World Toilet Day - NOT really a joking matter actually...BUT play this song if you have to...

Four years ago today, Steve MacNaull wrote a very nice article for the Kelowna Daily Courier on my voiceover business. You can check out that cool print publicity via this old blog post: Thumbs Up!
In the NHL last night, Toronto beat New Jersey, 3-1. Montreal lost to Nashville, 3-0. Those results are better than Wednesday, when all four Canadian teams lost to US teams. Wednesday in Washington, the Buffalo Sabres lost to the Capitals, 4-2. Can't blame Ovechkin as he didn't even get a point! Maybe we should give credit to the Canadian spinning tunes for Washington? I have a great guy doing music besides me on PA for the Kelowna Chiefs. Corey Bell-Esau is his name and he is launching a recording studio so we'll be working together there too. We'll see you tonight at 7:00 pm for our home game against Princeton!

Canada's best junior hockey players just lost the Subway Super Series to Russia...
Going into this year, the Western Hockey League had won 13 of the 14 games it had played against the Russians in this series. But Russia beat the WHL all-stars in Prince George last night and Kamloops the previous night. The next WHL game on Shaw-TV? I can fill you in on that right now...cue the announcer:

For all you non-Canadians, Brandon is in Manitoba - where the band I linked to above is from as well. BUT, BTO is from Winnipeg, Manitoba - not Brandon.

That wraps up post #100 this year and #263 overall...Thank you for dropping by!

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