Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Friday the 13th: Then and Now!

Road warriors won 10 of 15 major league baseball games Tuesday finished off by BC's Ryan Dempster winning his 10th for the Chicago Cubs over San Francisco, 8-6! Fourteen runs in that game as we get ready for Friday the 13th this week! Some other scores:
  • 15 for the Los Angeles Dodgers against Philadelphia, who fell short with 9.
  • 14 by Baltimore over Cleveland's 8.
  • 12 by the Minnesota Twins versus the Chicago White Sox and their 6.
No winning team scored 13 on Tuesday. No game even had two teams combine for 13 runs. Close but no cigar as Boston beat Toronto, 7-5, and St. Louis beat Cincinnati, 8-4. None of the nine baseball games Monday saw 13 runs scored but this past Sunday Detroit and the LA Angels put up 13 runs. In fact, Detroit had 13 hits in their 9-4 win. None of the 15 games on Saturday had one or two teams rack up 13 runs in a game but last Friday Cleveland beat Minnesota, 7-6.

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