Friday, August 13, 2010

A catch-22 situation on Friday the 13th!

The situation I am talking about is my wedding anniversary! 22 years ago today, Darlene Joan Bennett became DJ Hass. Actually, I was the radio DJ (I never liked that term) for many years - "retiring" more or less in 1991. As my profile info says on Facebook, I am BLESSED to have a marriage that has thrived (wife's word) for 22 years and father to three AMAZING teenagers!

Darlene is my soulmate and best friend! She is also a great mom and kindhearted support care worker. Darlene has been a big supporter and booster of my voiceover career the last five years.

We would both like to thank Herb Merriweather and his character friends for this unforgettable anniversary greeting.

A voiceover friend who will be celebrating his anniversary in two days is Shawn Maroney. His Facebook profile info says: I am a character with many voices, and a recording studio. Most importantly...I have a wife that understands...all of my voices. Shawn is the main organizer of a voice acting event in Toronto next month.
Voices of Vision takes place September 23-25, 2010 and includes:

  • Keynote speaker Pat Fraley

  • “Creating Kick Ass Characters” with MJ Lallo

  • “Thinking Outside The Box” workshop with Deb Munro