Monday, August 23, 2010

The CATS are in charge!

My voiceover friend, Liz de Nesnera, has a feline who feeds on...

My niece, Jessica, is visiting from Prince George. She came with Russell. He is not a cat. But this is Russell's motorcyle with Little Miss Vis in charge.

This is Ms. Stache with my friend from Edmonton, Michael Kryton.

Michael and I worked on a lot of Harley Davidson motorcyle ads in the past. He wrote them and I voiced them. The ad below may have brought tears to some people's eyes... 
Michael is the author of "The Father's Guide To Surviving With Kids", the third book in the national best selling The Bachelor's Guide series. He is currently writing a new book called "A Brilliant Idea Every 60 Seconds." Michael is now looking for quotable statements from writers and artists, maybe even someone like you? The question: how do you come up with or find creative ideas? If you want to know more about the book, please visit Michael's website. You can email him at or find him on Twitter @Michaelkryton
No, I am not on Twitter yet. Once my cat, Bunzo, is on there, I will consider it:)


  1. Thanks, Ralph. Very much appreciated!

  2. Bugsy appreciates your support, Ralph!...and yes...he IS in charge! ;-)

  3. great blog, Ralph...glad it didn't turn into a cat-astrophe...

  4. Hey Herb,
    I don't know if a "cat got your tongue" but a gremlin caused your last name to miss one of its r's:)

    Liz, What will Bugsy do for an encore? Chili or Doritos? Our cat is much more finicky and sticks to her canned salmon.

    And Michael, if you are looking for crazy cat quotes and stuff, try

    Appreciate you all dropping by!

    Ralph "The Cat Whisperer"

  5. Cats ARE in charge, Ralph. And the sooner people realize this, the better we can serve our feline overlords. (Those comments were typed by my cat, Flora, btw, as dictated by my other cat, Felix.)

    As to your friend Michael's new book, it sounds brilliant -- and I could use it NOW. (As for ways one comes up with or finds creative ideas, try reading your friends' blogs and/or having your friends blog about your new book. Also exercising -- without multitasking -- really helps to clear the brain and inspire.)

  6. Hey J.
    You did indeed prove on your blog this week that Cats do not want you to be productive.

    You kept your animal theme in place in the last day with Best horse race EVER.
    That race was in Monmouth Park, New Jersey and while I was at the family cabin today enjoying sunshine and Sports Illustrated, I learned Dallas Cowboys receiver Miles Austin III literally came out of nowhere - which happened to be I-AA Monmouth University.

    I will be voicing for the Buffalo Bills starting next week J. The odds are against Buffalo beating your New York Jets or Giants in the standings but you gotta Bill-ieve!

    Talk to you soon again!

  7. This sound very good