Monday, March 01, 2010

What a SC-ript!

Hockey heaven yesterday at the Olympics!
Canada got gold in an epic overtime battle with the U.S.A.
winning 3-2! "Timing as they say is everything" wrote Eric Duhatschek. Here are all the goals - including Sidney Crosby's game-winner
1:23 seconds into the footage (7:40 seconds into yesterday's overtime period). Way to choreograph that for Canada Mr. Crosby!

It was an amazing Winter Olympics in Vancouver and would have been even if Canada lost in the final game. Also a writer for The Globe and Mail, Christie Blatchford, has a great Canadian perspective in her article,
These Games were everything a human can feel.

Stephanie Ciccarelli (yes, another SC) at linked to a cool commercial starring Sidney Crosby ten days ago. Have a look and listen...closely. By the way, Roll Up the Rim to Win is back at Tim Hortons. In fact, my cup today won me a free coffee tomorrow! There are millions of prizes to be won across North America, including:
• 40 Toyota RAV4s
• 100 $10,000 Cash Prizes
• 1, 000 Toshiba Netbooks
• 25, 000 $100 Tim Cards
and over 31 million food prizes!

But, NO gold medals...

Thanks for choreographing this coffee extravaganza contest Tim Hortons!


  1. I don't mind being silver to your gold...the besy hockey is still played in North America!

  2. BEST in the west! Check out your California teams Herb: San Jose #1 in the standings and the LA Kings are #5 in the west. I am cheering on Vancouver (#3) out here.

    Cheering for Buffalo in the east. They are currently #5.

    BUSY day tomorrow in the NHL! Trade deadline day is always a hoot. Starts at 5 am for us...set your alarm:)

    Best, Ralph