Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hockey Heaven / Boyns and his Boy

Hockey heaven today at the Olympics!...unless Canada loses to the U.S...
When he was a kid, he'd be up at five
Take shots till eight, make the thing drive
Out after school, back on ice
That was his life, he was gonna play in the Big League
The Big League
~ Tom Cochrane and Red Rider / 1988's "Big League" from
"Victory Day" ~ This is a classic rock anthem with a sad story behind it.

The blog had a great story recently about Andy Boyns and his boy, William. They both tried to beat me in Peter O'Connell's faux-dition contest. I need to tell you that William is not even four years old. Hear both of their World News with Diane Sawyer entries and "the rest of the story" here.

Andy Boyns is on the other side of the world in Turkey and has just blogged about how Pablo Hernandez and social networking brought voiceover artists together to perform on a common project in support of the Haiti disaster victims. Andy is a good guy who is planning to attend the VOICE 2010 conference in LA in early June. It is an expensive trip and if you can help Andy out a bit with sponsorship, he will return the favor
in some way. Thank you!

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