Wednesday, March 03, 2010

On the MOVE

The famous Trade Deadline Day has passed in the NHL. Lots of players
on the move to primarily improve playoff chances for their new teams.
Wow, I popped some P's there...How about this one?
The Pittsburgh Penguins picked up Ponikarovsky.
That trade took place with Toronto.

Shaw TV's first WHL game since February 10 goes tonight
with Saskatoon (Bryan Cox's town) in Brandon. We have a
new intermission sponsor and here is my upbeat voiceover:

Below is a more moving, heartfelt reading from me. I don't think it will
make you cry...onions might though...I actually just did an audition for an animated segment that talks about imported produce vs. locally grown produce.
Here is the fun "onion audition" script I just tackled.

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