Wednesday, October 04, 2006

In The Buff?

The Buffalo Sabres have been picked by a lot of folks to win the Stanley Cup. The NHL season starts tonight and they take on the defending champions: the Carolina Hurricanes. I could still be the voice opening Sabres' TV broadcasts this year. My read for their last exhibition game was used last Saturday night and tomorrow the Feature Producer (Matt G.) I know with the team said: "I’m going to try to write a touch less copy so that you can be a bit more “movie trailer...deep throatish”...which is what I believe the boss is looking for. I think I gave you too much copy to read in too little time in the last one." So, hope Buffalo beats the Montreal Canadiens Friday night at their home opener:) That should put the boss in a good mood!

Speaking of "In The Buff", Barenaked Ladies' new album "Are Me" is out now. I had the chance to work closely with the band from 1991-'96 when I worked with Warner Music Canada. I connected with their road manager last time they were in town (December '05) and we'll try and hook up again when they are in Kelowna again in 4 months.

It is the Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I will be starting a large project for the Richard Ivey School of Business/The University of Western Ontario today. It is a 4-page article which should run about 15 minutes as a podcast. It is titled: Japanese expansion in China: A cautionary tale. The target audience is practicing managers.

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