Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hoarse, Horse, Hortons & Hockey?

My voice is not HOARSE even though I have a slight cold...I've taken some Dristan pills the last 2 days and that is doing the job...Having this little cold was actually a benefit in giving me a bit of a twang for a commercial I did this afternoon for Haegles Western Wear and tack in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They have over 1, 200 pairs of boots there! C'mon down Imelda Marcos!

TIM HORTONS coffee is my favourite. I probably stop there once a day. But today I had the privilege of breaking in a new TH coffee cup at home. Tim Horton was a HOCKEY player first and the NHL season is starting soon. I think the Vancouver Canucks are going to do better than expected this year. I could be switching my support to the Buffalo Sabres though. Two days ago I had the chance to audition for the opening of their TV broadcasts...I'll keep you posted on the historians know both Vancouver and Buffalo entered the NHL in 1970. The Sabres were also the last team Tim Horton played for before dying in a car crash in early 1974.

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