Thursday, October 12, 2006

BIG break! Sabres Rock!

The Buffalo Sabres have won their first 3 games! Last Friday night they won a shootout against the Montreal Canadiens and as they did that I watched it on the tube while laying down the voice track in the studio for Saturday night's game versus Ottawa...that was cool:)
Just 90-minutes ago Feature Producer Matt Gould with the Sabres emailed me to confirm I will be doing the TV intros for all of the Sabres TV games on the mighty MSG network. Without question, they are my most recognized client to date.

I have had a couple of BIG (in length) projects this week:
the podcast I plugged last time about Japanese expansion in China ended up being 16 minutes in total. I have also completed 10:30 seconds of a script for They offer Houston-based Litigation Support for Attorneys Nationwide.

It is fun to switch gears with my voice! High energy for the Sabres and smooth, informative reads for the projects above. I am listed as the voice with Integrity at:
Thanks to them this afternoon for a small elearning script. My role? Main drive-thru cashier.
I also have a commercial to tackle for my good friends at:
The job I am describing in the spot? A certified snubber (I kid you not!). It is Alberta’s newest certified occupation.

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