Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday fun!

Today I did the new company voicemail for McKenzie Electric. Ross McKenzie and I used to work in radio together in the late '80's and I appreciated his call yesterday when he said he didn't want to do the message himself but thought of me to convey a professional image.

My On Hold Demo was also added today at: in Oregon. I also do on hold messaging for: in Calgary and I love the creative intro to their website. Click on it yourself!

I am also the main voice for:
Greg Krantz is my contact in Arlington, Virginia and the website will be alive and kicking for consumer consumption soon!....I need to consume some lunch now...


  1. wow ralph, thanks for your comment! i am sure your son "jordan" will do well in basketball, and its a coincidence I want to be into voice acting, and i will check out "Eternal Forces" as soon as it is released,

    welcome to the blogosphere
    -jordan hass
    "not your son"

  2. Howdy, Ralph. You were right on the nose, regarding "RG". LOL.

    Yes, when it's all said and done, RF has far more integrity.