Friday, May 04, 2012

My First Awards Show Voiceover!

The Sterling Business Awards take place tonight in Nanaimo, BC - where my wife was born. My contact on this project was SW Audio Visual. They have seven offices here in British Columbia.

I was flattered to receive this today from Vancouver Island Regional Manager, Christoph Mayer:
The client heard everything in the ballroom last night in our rehearsal, they loved your voice, will get you the gig again next year.

Here are a couple of segments from tonight.

For this one beware of yummy Nanaimo bars!

Don't worry...the typo on the graphic for nominee number two was fixed below for the final version...


  1. Great Job Ralph. I'd better warn Tom Kane about the competition for the Oscars next year!!

  2. Watch out for the R's Derek - namely Randy Thomas:)
    She will be announcing the Tony Awards June 10th on CBS - twelfth year for her!

  3. ...great job, Ralphie-boy!! So smooooth and crystal clear. Yes--there will be more of this in your future...

  4. Thanks Mr. Merriweather!
    Hey, Mr. Mayweather just won the big Saturday night fight...The Sports Illustrated tweet said:
    Floyd Mayweather defeats Miguel Cotto in a unanimous decision. Judges scores were 117-111, 117-111, and 118-110.

    You always score big points in my books Herb! And Derek:)

    Thanks guys!
    ~ Ralph

  5. Congratulations, Ralph-
    GREAT job,
    and many more to come!

  6. Thanks for the encouragement Jane!

    I appreciate your support and hope your Washington Capitals win game five against the New York Rangers tonight:)

    Have you ever taken in an event at the famous Madison Square Garden?