Thursday, May 17, 2012

Heckling, Kicking, Hassli & Henley

Thursday nights are a favorite for me because I play basketball for a couple hours in my men's rec league!

I can watch a half of the Spurs/Clippers playoff battle tonight before I hit the road. I have been rooting for the San Antonio Spurs since day one of the NBA playoffs...

From a San Antonio Spurs fan's perspective, here is The Art of the Heckle. I don't do that. As a voiceover artist, I want to save my voice for better things - and not embarrass my wife or kids:)


Check out these highlights from last night in the world of sports:
                                 Kick 'em when they're up 
                                          Kick 'em when they're down 
                                             Kick 'em when they're up 
                                          Kick 'em when they're down 
Cue Don Henley with the Eagles for "Dirty Laundry"

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