Saturday, March 26, 2011

Twitter, Juno Awards and Odds!

The cat is out of the bag!

For three weeks now, I have been on Twitter...I did beat my cat to Twitter after all...scroll to the end of this post from last summer.

Today on Twitter I learned that the Toronto Globe and Mail named 's the top Canadian car tune in celebration of week. I just learned more about hash marks here. Click here for the Top 10 Canadian car tunes!

The Juno Awards go tomorrow night - honoring Canada's top musicians. As I finished up my fifth and final year with Warner Music Canada in 1996, I had the chance to take in the Junos out east in Hamilton.  

The host for the evening was Burton Cummings while inductees into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame included:
David Clayton-Thomas (lead singer of Blood, Sweat and Tears)
Denny Doherty (The Mamas & The Papas)
John Kay (lead singer of Steppenwolf) #2 on the car list above.
Domenic Troiano (versatile songwriter, performer and producer)
Zal Yanovsky (member of the Lovin' Spoonful)

Ronnie Hawkins received the Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award at the Junos back in 1996.

Below, I am with Craig Northey of Odds fame at a Juno party the previous night.
It was a year earlier on February 22, 1995 that I arranged for Odds to sing the national anthem at a Kamloops Blazers hockey game against the Prince George Cougars. The next night, Odds opened for the legendary Tragically Hip in Kamloops. See the autograph I got here! 
Craig is a BIG hockey fan and he sent this note through to the Kamloops Blazers when they won the Memorial Cup later in 1995:
Keep up to date with Craig and Odds here.

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    Ha. You must have a fascinating collection of stuff if you keep this sort of thing! lol (It's nice to know I'm not the only one!)