Thursday, September 16, 2010

Like father, like son

Yesterday, Kyle Drabek made his major league debut for the Toronto Blue Jays in the same park where his father, Doug, closed out his career with the Baltimore Orioles. Dad was in the stands for his 22-year-old's first game, which he lost 3-1. A bright future is ahead for Kyle though!
Doug Drabek won 155 games during a 13-year career with the Yankees, Pittsburgh, Houston, the White Sox and Orioles, winning the NL Cy Young Award with the Pirates in 1990.

Here is a list looking at five other father and son combos.

Hockey is running through my sons' veins too! While I voiced the promos for the first two WHL games on Shaw TV this week (October 8 – Swift Current Broncos at Calgary Hitmen / October 27 - Chilliwack Bruins at Edmonton Oil Kings), my 15-year-old's audition for the Phoenix Coyotes was well received. Unfortunately, the script was later changed to use a couple of 20-year-olds. Way to go Jordan!

It is the home debut tomorrow of the Kelowna Chiefs hosting the Revelstoke Grizzlies. Here is my radio ad. As I have mentioned before (The Chiefs are in charge!), I am handling the PA duties for the Chiefs this season. My older son, Justin, will be keeping track of the stats for the Chiefs' home games. Way to go Justin!

One of the great supporters of the Rutland neighbourhood where we live is
realtor Grant Wiebe. I can recommend Grant no problem! I also know his Dad, Ken, well. Here is Grant's video blog shining light on the culture, business and people of RutlandKelowna's friendliest community.

PS 4:30 PM thought: If I become a realtor I will be changing my name to Rock House!


  1. Ralph, thanks for the props - see you at the big game tomorrow night!

    50% of being a great Realtor is having a really cool name (like "Rock House") so you're already there half way there.

  2. It will be a fun night Grant!
    While Justin and I are working in the press box, my wife and two other kids will be in attendance too.

    One unique Realtor name I have noticed across from the 7-Eleven is Jack Shabbits. Kind of just rolls off the tongue...We always joke with our family that it was in our best interests to not name one of the boys Jack:)

  3. ...great post as always, Ralph. I remember Doug Drabek as one pitcher who was tough on my Cardinals--a great competitor. Oh..the hockey spot sounds coooool...

  4. Ice cold Herb? Today is National Jersey Day in Canada so you'll be pleased to know I'm wearing a St. Louis Blues' jersey to the game tonight.

    I just opened up The Hockey News Yearbook and St. Louis is actually picked to finish 6th in the western conference while the Vancouver Canucks are picked to be number one! Buffalo is picked to finish 6th in the eastern conference while the Washington Capitals are picked to be number one.

    Number one friend? That award could easily be given to Herb Merriweather‎ but I know he would be too humble to accept it:)