Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Four-tune cookie?

My blog is four years old today so I thought it was kind of funny I was issued the numbers 424 while waiting to renew my car insurance today.

Then at 4:54 pm my scripts for this weekend's "Thurman Thomas Show" were emailed.  As you can see on the Billieve Moment script, the Bills were "Down by four with 12 seconds left."  
The 10-6 (differential of four!) refers to their won/loss record in the 1981 season. Who did they play and beat? Who were the Bills' heros that day? I'll have the answers and all the amazing football footage this weekend for you.

I am off now for my Blogiversary dinner:
Lasagna followed by Yoplait Exotik yogurt...

Yes, blogiversary is a real word. Look at the pictures here. Or just ask the king of voiceover blogs, Bob Souer. Thanks for the mention Bob! 
And thank you to ALL who drop by this blog when you have the chance.
I sincerely appreciate it!

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  1. Thanks for a great blog experience...we laughed, we cried, we ate...and somewhere along the way you even managed to entertain da man, Ralph...