Thursday, June 03, 2010

Will KG KO KB?

I wonder if Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics will knock out Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers in the NBA finals starting tonight? I am hoping they do!

Both those legends started their careers right out of high school. Garnett graduated in Chicago while Bryant graduated a year later in 1996 in Philadelphia. Is it just a coincidence that those cities are currently battling for the Stanley Cup in the NHL? Growing up in South Carolina, Kevin Garnett was a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and lists former Laker Magic Johnson and Dallas Cowboy Tony Dorsett as his sports heroes.

A little more food for thought:
Kobe's parents named him after a type of steak (kobe) seen on a restaurant menu prior to his birth. "Jelly Bean" was his dad's nickname. Joe Bryant averaged 8.7 points per game in 606 career games in the NBA. Kevin Garnett's favorite foods are hamburgers, french fries and pizza.

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