Friday, June 25, 2010

New Feature: Friday Facebook FUN!

Some voice talents publish their Twitter feeds on their blogs. The classy CourVO had a quick one today while the last Twitter update I was able to track down for Dave was for May 28. Karen Commins covers a week at a time. Here are:
Twitter updates from Karen for the week preceeding Mon Jun 21, 2010.
They both provide quick links to articles, interviews and videos. Cool!

I do not Twitter - BUT I do enjoy social media and learning from folks like Dave and Karen. Many voice talents are very good at social media while many others are in it for the numbers (ie. followers, statistics). I enjoy Facebook as "friends" can be engaging. Other "friends" can be enraging it seems...

Anyway, a BIG thank you should be extended to Dave Courvoisier and Terry Daniel for the new SocialMediaVO website launched in Los Angeles recently at the VOICE 2010 conference. It is:
Social voice actors, for voice actors. 
Lots to explore and build your voice over business!

So, NO Twitter updates from me. But how about Friday Facebook FUN?
We'll do this once in a while...
  • My status this morning: I'm feeling rather INTERNATIONAL with the G8 summit going on in Canada...I am voicing a tutorial for a "real" bank in Nigeria while another client is in Barcelona putting together footage for a long script I'll be voicing next my son just got his ebay basketball item from Shanghai...
  • My Facebook status yesterday in the lunch hour: With a 20 ounce coffee mug, I am pretty well able to turn a coffee break into a LUNCH break...
  • Wednesday's Facebook status: Lights, camera...action is "actually" slight sunlight, coffee & editing..NAPA Auto Parts training modules...
  • Monday's Facebook status (June 21): Busiest 2 weeks ever in 5 years of voiceover coming up! "When it (t)rains, it pours" training scripts for the automotive, banking and medical industries...
  • Sunday's Facebook status (June 20): Tennis with my wife starts this Father's Day followed by a Tim Horton's breakie with my 3 terrific teens. We'll all be meeting at my parents later for a BBQ...THANKS for everything Dad!!
Only time will tell if yours truly has started a new social media trend known as Friday Facebook FUN...THANKS for stopping by!


  1. Friday Facebook Fun - I like it!

  2. Hi Brad,
    You have a lot of great sports photos on your blog! And I see quite often you feature a Photo of the Week. If you did it every Friday, you could call it Photo Friday Fun:)
    Or how about Photo Food Fun as sports and food make a fabulous combination? At least we can all sleep peacefully knowing the Pittsburgh Pirates' pierogi mascot was rehired: