Friday, May 07, 2010

Sports Tasering Must STOP!

Ouch! Captain Jonathan Toews, pronounced TAYVES (rhymes with "saves"), scored the hat trick tonight as Chicago took a commanding 3-1 series lead against the Vancouver Canucks. 7-4 was the final. Jonathan Toews' nickname is Tazer. He is also known as "Captain Serious" for his intensity and because he is more mature than his 22 years.

Today on the golf course in Florida for The Players Championship,
a 36-year-old man attending the second round was subdued by a Taser.

In Philadelphia this past Monday at a baseball game, a teenager was tasered. Local reports say fans have been tasered many times before at Citizens Bank Park. On Tuesday in Canada, the RCMP announced tighter guidelines for Mounties deploying tasers. They can now fire a stun gun only if it’s clear the person is injuring someone else or threatening to do so. Interesting article on the taser debate here from the Globe and Mail.

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