Friday, May 21, 2010

"Shaken, not stirred. Spoken, not slurred."

I came up with that voiceover quotation myself two days ago:)
Also out that day, a Top 10 list:
You Know You're a Voiceover Artist Because...
Click here.

Happy Birthday to Chicago Blackhawks legend, Stan Mikita! He turned 70 today and he was at the United Center tonight as Chicago beat San Jose in overtime, 3-2. The winning goal was scored by the big bruiser, Dustin Byfuglien. He played junior hockey in Prince George, BC along with one of the San Jose Sharks, Devin Setoguchi. Captain Jonathan Toews had a couple of assists tonight for the Hawks giving him points in 12 straight playoff games, breaking the team record that had been held by Stan Mikita. Who can forget his impact in the Wayne’s World" movies?

This time last Friday our family was up in Prince George for my niece Nicole and Ben's wedding. That was a great event on Saturday!
Below is a picture from the Friday night get together that is pretty special.

Grandma Rita ruling the roost with her nine grandkids

Nicole is under her arm along with little Layla while my son Justin has Dryden on his shoulders in the front row. Nicole's sister, Jessica, is in the green tank top with Jordan and Ashley Hass on the right. And we can't forget Racquel and Nash...


  1. Can I quote you on that? The top 10 VO list is priceless...

  2. I would be honored Herb! I would like to hear you recite it with your best James Bond accent though - or a space alien or Dr. Frankenstein:)