Sunday, January 03, 2010

Scoble, Schobel or Sczebel?

Robert Scoble is considered the King of social media. Who does
he consider the top-ten tech tweeters for 2009? I was made aware
of THE LIST by Guy Kawasaki, who came in at number 10.

Here is this weekend's Buffalo Bills game recap on the "Thurman Thomas Show." Not much to write home about - unless you are defensive end Aaron Schobel:

Today, Buffalo had a blowout win against the Indianapolis Colts, 30-7. It was really a meaningless regular-season finale as Indy finishes 14-2 and has a bye next week to start the playoffs. Buffalo finishes 6-10 and misses the playoffs for a tenth straight season. But, 2010 will be a better season once it starts in September. Trust me! I already predicted at the end of my last post that the Buffalo Sabres would beat the Atlanta Thrashers - and they did, 4-3. In fact Buffalo won again today, 1-0, in Montreal. Exactly halfway through the season, Buffalo is second in the Eastern Conference with 56 points and a 26-11-4 record.

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