Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jay, Conan or ME?

My last three posts were all published before the evening hours hit - but tonight a "Tonight Show" flashback from January, 1998 - courtesy of the creative mind of the founder of, Doug Manning. I worked in Sales there for five years between 1997 - 2002. I remember Doug did something like this for all the employees and it was certainly an encouragement:

Well, Jay Leno is getting his old job back hosting "The Tonight Show." Watch for it March 1 after the Olympics. Conan O'Brien's final show is tomorrow and features Tom Hanks, Canadian rock icon Neil Young and Will Ferrell. Conan receives a $33 million dollar settlement from NBC! I'm getting a nice deal tomorrow. Free lunch at IHOP! I'm meeting with one of my old radio colleagues from the late '80's, Gary Johnston, who also does voiceover work. Here is a radio flashback photo from that time:

Ross Huguet, formerly on the morning show, helped me get my voiceover career going in 2005. I mentioned this in the spring of '07. And I have played basketball in recent years with Jim Scanlon...yes, my name was spelled wrong in the newspaper ad:)   Lots of good memories here!

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