Thursday, December 03, 2009

T-O in TO TOnight

This is the third time I have mentioned Terrell Owens on this blog. Next Monday, T-O celebrates his 36th birthday. He previously ended posts on:
My last two blog posts have had three / 3 in the title too. T-O had some threes in his football game with the Bills tonight: three catches for thirty-one yards. More was needed against the New York Jets in Toronto!  Like the nine receptions Terrell had for 197 yards (third most receiving yards in his career) in the game below. The Jets won 19-13 tonight. On this most recent Buffalo Bills' game recap on the "Thurman Thomas Show", T-O had the chance to celebrate the longest touchdown in team history:

Are you wondering how many times the number three come up in that script? (I thought so).

Actress Soleil Moon Frye ("Punky Brewster") won the Alzheimer's Association “Who Wears Purple Best?” contest in September. Moon Frye edged out Terrell Owens and six other Alzheimer's Association celebrity Champions with a last minute streaming video and Tweets from famous friends Ashton Kutcher, Melissa Joan Hart and Danny Masterson.

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