Saturday, May 23, 2009

Boats and Goats

The Indianapolis 500 race is tomorrow morning. 33 cars will start the race.
Here is the fast paced Marine Center of Indiana TV commercial I said I would post after my last blog entry.

From boats to goats...

The Vancouver Canucks may be out of the playoffs, but their efforts will live on — in Africa — after some charity-minded fans decided to do more than grow a beard to support the team. Visit:

As of today, 875 goats have been raised for Africa

- UP 16 in the last three days!

Tyler Myers and the Kelowna Rockets are in the final tomorrow afternoon for the Memorial Cup to decide Canada's best junior hockey team. They will be taking on the Windsor Spitfires from the Ontario Hockey League. Proving again it is a small world, I began work yesterday for a new client in Windsor - an elearning company.

Do you want to be Canada's next Sportscaster? You could be drafted by the Score television network. This week on their blog, the Score linked to the sportscasting exploits of Shaquille O’Neal and the Buffalo Bills' Terrell Owens.

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