Thursday, December 17, 2009

Congrats to Crosby, Colbert, Craig and Scruffy the Elf...

Canada's outstanding athlete for a second time is Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby. The Lou Marsh Award is named after a former Toronto Star sports editor.

TV host Stephen Colbert is on the cover of the new Sports Illustrated:

After labeling Canadians as "syrup suckers" and "ice holes," I think I can safely say he doesn't have as many fans here as Sidney Crosby.

Sid the Kid is only 22-years-old while we have even a younger newsmaker in Kelowna.
Kevin Craig is the youngest person ever elected to Kelowna city council. He is just
19-years-old. Born in Ireland, Craig has enthusiastically adapted to many Canadian customs, including building a backyard skating rink with his brother. But Craig freely admits he's no great shakes on ice. “I know how to put on skates and go in a straight line.”  Here is the link to the front page story in yesterday's Kelowna Daily Courier.

Scruffy the Elf a demented hit was the headline on page five of yesterday's paper. Read the story here. Enjoy the video!
It has been stuck in my head this week...

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