Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hockey IS French fries & French goalies!

This week on the show - Patrick Lalime is in the limelight. Here is the opener, with yours truly jumping in at the :31 second mark.

The highlight of the week in the NHL was Martin Brodeur of New Jersey winning a record 552nd game as a goalie. He is a Goliath among goalies to say the least and here was Marty interviewed on the ice.

Hockey media coverage in my neck of the woods includes the Stanley Cup in Vernon as seen on CHBC-TV and on the front page of Friday's Capital News: Greasy french fries just too hard to resist. Some food for thought there AND some real funny food for thought here on the Voice Talent Productions Blog. Scroll down to see the two winning pictures. Water for thought here from Stephanie at
We say it for you *That is their catchy new slogan.

Finally, I am taking you to some new heights with my voiceover
for the Skywall - an innovative and exciting new form of exercise.
You can hear me at the :24 second mark.

Thank you for your support in my sporting ventures!

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