Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Debt Monkey / Montreal

Wow! Jarome Iginla shattered Theo Fleury's team record for points on Sunday. "Iggy pop"ped in two goals and had three assists but the Flames failed against Tampa, 8-6. Calgary scored another 6 tonight and that was enough to beat Ottawa, 6-3. "Iggy pop"ped in two more goals for a season total of 28. Nice followup to my last post, which ended with a shot at Don Cherry by Gary Kriebel. Gary and I were chatting earlier and he threw out this great line:
"My 1 year old may whine more than Cherry,
but certainly NOT more than Crosby."
I recently had the chance to put my "monkey" where my mouth is. I provided voiceover services for a long narration for Debt Monkey – the program designed to shake the debt monkey by teaching you how to manage your debt, improve your credit and save you money!
Have a listen to our first podcast too, titled Top 5 Tips to Good Credit.
Tomorrow is one of the most exciting days in the NHL season! The trading deadline is Wednesday at Noon PST. There are only two games taking place and in the national spotlight are the Sabres and Canadiens from Buffalo. I think Montreal is going to be trading some guys so hopefully that will mean they will be shorthanded in Buffalo. I don't see the Sabres monkeying around too much. At this moment they are trying to sign Tim Connolly to a new deal.
What goes better with monkeys than bananas? Here is an article by my voiceover friend, Kara Edwards, going bananas - in a good way!

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