Saturday, August 30, 2008

RED - but not quite READY

I notice the last four images that I have posted on my blog all have the color red in them...
I just picked my son up after his first long shift at Wendy's. That company is known for it's popular red logo. You can see it (along with many other restaurants that use red to their advantage) by clicking here. It's the client list of Trimen Food Service, for whom I narrated a corporate video today. Trimen is a leading food service equipment manufacturer located in North York, Ontario.

My friend, Guy Kawasaki, has a birthday today and he blogged three days ago about The Power of Red. You will also want to check out Guy's list of the five most important lessons he has learned as an entrepreneur. Happy Birthday Guy!

Same wish to you Liz de Nesnera!
I am sorry I didn't get you tickets to the US Open...
Liz was in a giving mood on her birthday with her first blog post
in almost two months:
Question of the Week: How Do You Define Yourself?
Liz's last post tied in tennis with voiceover. Good stuff Liz!
I love TV (short for tennis & voiceover)...I am actually in a fall tennis league here in Kelowna but after meeting with my doctor today to go over my back x-rays, he feels a minimum of five more visits to the chiropractor are needed before I can start playing again...

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  1. Hey Ralph!
    Thanks for the birthday wish & the blog post! is a GREAT gift! :-)