Saturday, August 09, 2008

Quenching your thirst for COMEDY and GRETZKY

The ¡Three Amigos! was a pretty funny movie that came out in late 1986. Enjoy the clip above featuring one of our family favorites, Steve Martin, cast as the character Lucky Day. In my last blog post I shared a recent radio aircheck. I remember on my very first radio shift in 1981 that I played Steve Martin's "King Tut."

Twenty years ago today, the historic trade of Wayne Gretzky from the champion Edmonton Oilers to the LA Kings took place. The NHL’s Communications Department has put together an excellent overview here examining this amazing event. Gretzky's famous number 99

was retired league-wide at the 2000 NHL All-Star Game.

Now an LA Dodger, Manny Ramirez finally settled on number 99 after numbers 24 (Walter Alston) and 34 (Fernando Valenzuela) were denied

by Dodgers' brass. As the new Sports Illustrated says:
What makes Manny unique is that he does not seem to know

the meaning of the word failure - or, most likely, Gretzky.

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